Letter to the Editor


By Janine M. Brooks, Chemistry Department Staff Assistant

Please note my response to the Gateway article, as follows—–

It is easy to perceive that faculty and staff are stealing newspapers out of the bins for their personal use, but this may not necessarily be true. Some of us are also students who utilize the paper, as other students do, for class participation, homework assignments, awareness of the world, etc. As a staff assistant, I take delight in finding science articles to mount on the display boards about my department to keep the students informed of current news and events happening in the world of Chemistry and Biochemistry. So please know that when I take a newspaper out of the bin, I am not doing it solely for my own reading pleasure–I would be willing to pay for such paper if there was only such a way, but student government has failed to offer such an option with its new re-encoding process of student IDs and there is no way to pay for the paper at the newspaper dispenser.

Every day, in the morning, on my way up to my office, I cannot help but notice the large stack of old newspapers sitting atop the recycle bin. These papers were not utilized the previous day and are now wasted, old news. I do not have a problem waiting a day for an expired paper, but it seems such a hassle.