Letter to the Editor


By Joe George

To be brief, the main thing is that they [politicians] have to enforce this and not let repeat offenders get off the hook. A guy by the name of Mark Dahir got his seventh DUI a few weeks ago. This guy is a ‘big boy’ in Omaha, vice president of Omaha National Bank. In the World-Herald it said he [hired] one Steve Leffler, a lawyer that takes these so-called hard-to-beat cases. Wasn’t it in Iowa that the young, former college student who recently got 10 plus years for mowing over four bikers? Seems no one gets close to that here in Nebraska. Mainly, the system has to get tougher. They need more high-profile leaders to get behind this –along with MADD. The big boys and/or people with a lot of money will still probably get around them [the stiff punishments, etc]. Yeah, I agree with your article.