Letter from the Editor


By Kelsey Jochum, Editor-In-Chief

Greetings, UNO students, faculty, alumni and all other Gateway readers. Welcome to a brand-new year on campus! Taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the Gateway this fall has been a fresh and exciting start to my sophomore year of college.

As a freshman Journalism major, I began working at the Gateway during my second semester on campus. However, as many students my age do, I was only four months into my college career before I questioned whether I had chosen the right major. While I had a strong passion for journalism and enjoyed working at a newspaper again, I couldn’t help but feel that my real sense of purpose in life was missing. Since then, I have transitioned to Social Work, while still pursuing a minor in Journalism.

And, as noted above, my love for journalism has never died! While accepting that it may not be what I want to pursue as a long-term career, my time at the Gateway has made me realize that journalism is still very important to me and is what I want to be doing.

So what do I hope to achieve as Editor-in-Chief this year? In short, I have three main goals: continuing the success of the Thursday Entertainment issues, making the Health section a strong, standard part of the paper and helping our writers to feel more connected to the rest of the Gateway staff.

The Thursday Entertainment issues began running in January of 2011. Since their inception, they have been very popular with students on campus as they feature an attractive cover and topics more relevant to their interests. As a former Entertainment Editor, releasing an entertainment-focused issue once a week is important for the Gateway’s future because it hits our target audience more directly and therefore increases readership.  

In the same way, the introduction of the Health section is a new idea and has seen its share of success in its three-month livelihood. Covering topics in physical, emotional and psychological wellness, the Health section brings relevant information to its student readers, as the nation seems to be on such a health kick as of late. Also, the Health section has brought new advertising opportunities along with it. With health being more relevant to college students than ever before, many services, both on and off campus, feel the pull of advertising themselves in this section.

On a different note, I think that anyone who has ever worked in the Gateway editorial staff can attest to the close ties it creates. Those who work to put our paper together each week have a passion to make it  the best that it can be, and that common goal creates unity within our staff. It is my hope to find some way for the writers to feel that same sense of unity. Whether a contributor, who may only write a few stories, or a Senior Staff Writer, who writes more frequently, it is important to me that our writers feel as much a part of the staff as they can. Though they do not take part in the production of the paper, I think feeling a part of the Gateway “family” causes writers to care more about the integrity of the Gateway and, thus, put more effort into their writing.

These are the things that I hope to achieve during my time as Editor-in-Chief of the Gateway. With the support and dedication of my outstanding editorial staff, I have no doubt that the 2011-2012 school year at the Gateway will be  as successful (if not more so) than its last.

Go team G-way!