Letter to the Editor: ‘I am a proud and unapologetic Conservative as well as a reluctant member of the Nebraska Republican Party’


Courtesy of politico.com
Courtesy of politico.com

Since the first day I decided it was worth my time to care about politics, the Conservative Movement has been at war with the “Republican Establishment.”

Republican candidates would campaign on Conservative principles, voters would send them to Washington, and before anyone realized what happened there would be about 7,436,850 bills passed through Congress and signed into law authorizing spending on God knows what for God knows why.

It has become expected for “Conservatives” in the House and in the Senate to lie down and cower at the very thought of being confronted by Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama or Elizabeth Warren. Every election cycle we hope for something different, but every election cycle is accompanied by the same pitiful display of spinelessness. It’s disgusting.

Over the years, Conservatives have consistently screamed and bellowed about how all of these Republican insiders betrayed the electorate. It’s the same story every cycle. No matter who we elect, no matter which issues they run on, no matter how young or old or experienced or knowledgeable, nothing changes.

The fact that Donald Trump is the last Republican nominee standing is sickening. But hey, I’m optimistic and I always try to look on the bright side if I can find one, and in this case I have – kind of.

Donald Trump has the Republican nomination all but locked up, which is terrible in precisely every imaginable way but one. His campaign has illuminated a piece of information that has existed in the shadows for some time. It has made clear what needs to be said if the American people hope to ever again nominate a candidate who actually shows at least some signs of being a moral and decent human being. It has brought the problem with the Conservative movement to the table, even if no one is willing to address it. So, Trump fans, you like it when people “say it like it is,” right?

Be careful what you wish for.

The reason the GOP is such a shriveled disgrace of a political party is because its “Conservative” base is made up of a bunch of feckless, mentally shallow, morally bankrupt voters. That’s right, I said voters.

For all this time, Conservatives have passed the blame off to the political elite in Washington. During this primary process, though, it has become obvious that those pandering politicians are a perfect representation of the Republican electorate. Through their support of Donald Trump, Republican voters have proven that they too are spineless, pathetic, detached individuals who have no interest in defending what they have repeatedly claimed to believe in. They have no interest in upholding conservative principles or values. They have no interest in standing up against the B.S. and fighting for what is just and right. They have done nothing more than read from the teleprompter provided to them by Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter their entire lives, so it should come as no surprise that they now continue to follow the herd even as it sheds what little integrity it had left.

Let me be clear: If you are someone who voted for, or planned on voting for, Donald Trump over Ted Cruz then you are not a Conservative. I’ll say that one more time. You are absolutely and without a doubt NOT a Conservative. You can claim to be if you want. You can cover your bumper in stickers, you can fill your yard with signs, and you can post whatever online, but until you learn to walk the walk and actually live your life according to what you claim to believe in, you don’t deserve that title. There is a discussion to be had over who is the most consistently conservative between Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, etc. – but Donald freaking Trump?

The man who wants to impose tax hikes on our job-creators? The man who wants to keep education and healthcare in the hands of the federal government? The man who wants to condemn American consumers who shop the free-market for the best deals? The man who wants to punish American businesses for trying to flee the oppressive system of corporate taxation in the U.S.? The man who openly fought against 2nd Amendment rights? The man who supports increasing the federal minimum wage? The man who thinks that grown men should be allowed to use the same bathroom as little girls? The man who spent his entire adult life defending the institution of abortion, including partial-birth abortion? The man who is responsible for huge sums of money in the bank accounts of liberal politicians? The man who is an admitted adulterer? The man who claims he does not need to repent for his sins?

There is no excuse to be made for Trump supporters who claim to be Conservative. They are either liars or just ignorant. I’ll let them decide.

Of course, nothing that I am saying matters to these Republicans. As a caller on the Rush Limbaugh show so elegantly put it, “I disagree with 80 percent of what Trump says, but I’ll support him because he’s willing to fight.”

What kind of nonsensical, moronic statement is that? Do you not care what he will fight for? You admit that you think he will be wrong 4 out of every 5 times he makes a decision, but you want him to hold the most powerful office on Earth because he is willing to fight? That makes about as much sense as buying a rifle that never jams but 80 percent of the bullets are fired from the back of the stock.

There is now a face on this boogeyman. We now know who is responsible for sending all of these Republican cowards to Washington. We now know why our representatives are so willing to throw down their swords and cease fighting for what they supposedly believe in. We now know why the GOP is an absolute monstrosity.

Worse yet, we now know that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. Trump supporters, I hope you are happy with all that you’ve done. I hope that true conservatives are willing to purge you from our party like the viruses you are. Our adversaries continue to reside on the Left, but perhaps the more dangerous enemies are the masked traitors that walk among us.

They fight not on principle, but for the sake of fighting. They yell not for the purpose of relaying the truth, but simply to be heard.

Trump supporters, be honest with yourselves. You don’t care about the issues. You are not pro-life because Trump is not. You are not free-market capitalists because Trump is not. You are not advocates of the 2nd Amendment because Trump is not. You are not Constitutionalists because Trump is not. If you cared about any of these things it would be as obvious to you as it is to the rest of us that, on his best day, Trump is severely confused about where he stands on the issues, and on his worst day he is more closely aligned to that old socialist from Vermont than with Ronald Reagan.

By the way, don’t try to blame the “Never Trump” movement when Hillary is elected. You don’t get to unapologetically support the worst candidate in GOP history, turn on true Conservative candidates and activists, and then blame us when he loses in a landslide. Though that argument is consistent with the dishonesty you have been so willing to display throughout this election cycle, it is, of course, utter nonsense.

Feel free to stand with John Boehner and Paul Ryan if you’d like. We will continue to stand with Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Matt Walsh, Erick Erickson, and Ben Shapiro. You tell me which side is more consistently Conservative.

So, what does being a part of the “Never Trump” crowd actually mean? It means that we still stand for actual, real-life conservative principles. It means that we will not be lassoed into mob mentality and we will hold the line on things that Trump supporters have chosen to toss aside.

Yes, we will likely lose this election in a landslide. We have Trump supporters to blame for that one. True Conservatives will not allow our value system to be taken down with the ship, however.

We will not allow Conservatism to be morphed into some unrecognizable shell of what it once was.
We will keep our ideology polished and pristine so that it is ready to be brought out for the next big battle, and we will stand by it regardless of who tries to deface it, be that Trump or Hillary.

More important than you and me, more important than this election, is truth. Though a good chunk of “Conservatives” have elected to abandon truth and embrace dishonesty and opportunism, the rest of us will remain loyal. I just pray to God that our efforts are not in vein.

Matt Holtmeyer
Junior, Political Science major at UNO