Lee Terry speaks at UNO College Republicans’ kick-off celebration


By Jasmine Maharisi – News Editor

When UNO student Travis Weiss was asked why he was at the UNO College Republicans kick-off party on Sept. 1 at DJ’s Dugout, he didn’t hesitate before responding. “To see the support we [young Republicans] have here on campus,” Weiss said. “Because it’s all about this right here.”

And with that, Weiss pointed to the image on his T-shirt depicting an enormous elephant kicking a donkey.

It doesn’t take a political savvy student to understand that the image on the T-shirt, worn by almost everyone attending the event, implied that the Republican Party was kicking ass. Or was going to kick ass.

But the partygoers didn’t attend the organization’s first event of the semester just to wear a clever T-shirt. Rather, the group of about 25 students from UNO’s College Republicans student organization appeared to be amped for the night’s guest speaker: Congressman Lee Terry.

“I’m looking forward to meeting him,” junior Jessica Butcher said. “I told my family and they’re really excited.”

At about an hour and a half after the event began, Terry entered the room and took his place on stage. He wasted no time getting to the upcoming election.

“A lot of us in this room are thinking if Republicans can take back the White House in a check-and-balances system,” Terry said. “That’s why the November election is so important. So we can get that check-and-balances system back.”

The audience was entranced with the congressman’s words. Shortly before Terry’s arrival, pictures of the young Republicans flashed on three projector screens. Some showed the students holding Lee Terry banners while others were of them during shooting practice at a range.

It wasn’t long before Terry himself pulled out the big guns and moved to the hot topics of this year’s race: the economy and the budget.

“They don’t even have a budget this year,” Terry said, referring to the Democratic Party. “They don’t even care enough to have a budget.”

Terry continued, adding that the “liberal White House” is significantly contributing to the national debt. He said that “they couldn’t even go 10 days without spending money.”

Terry then turned his attention directly to the topic of his opponent. He accused White of being a liberal and said he switched parties because he knew liberals didn’t fare well when campaigning in a district that leans right. Terry debunked White’s claims of tax cutting, adding White voted only once for a tax cut. There’s a difference between Terry and White, Terry said, and it’s trillions of dollars.

“I really feel good about the way this race is setting up,” Terry said. “But it’s really about you and about the future.”

For more information about the UNO College Republicans, email unocollegerepublicans@gmail.com or stop by the Student Organizations and Leadership Programs office on the first floor of the Milo Bail Student Center.

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