Kris Lager Band wows Waiting Room


By Krystal Sidzyik, Cont

The music was groovy and the crowd was alive with energy on May 28 at Waiting Room Lounge. Although minors needed permission slips to enter, the show was open to all ages and featured three of Omaha’s local bands.

The Mitch Gettman Band took the stage at 9 p.m. This three-man band is made up of Mitch Gettman on vocals and guitar, Andrew Malashock on bass and Adam Gerber on drums. Gettman performed on his own before making his band a trio in 2009 with Malashock and Gerber.

The band’s sound was very versatile and refreshing. Gettman buzzed around the stage as he played and sang. Vibrant lighting and strobes accompanied the band as they played, which helped to stimulate the eager crowd. Their music is described as alternative rock, though it seemed to go much deeper than that. Those attending one of Gettman’s shows for the first time won’t be disappointed by the band’s “old soul” sound. 

Funk Trek took the stage next, a nine-piece band made up of four horns, two guitars, one bass, drums and percussions, with a sound heavily influenced by jazz and blues. The band was entertaining to watch as they were very lively on stage.

The crowd hollered with excitement as the Kris Lager Band finally took the stage. The band includes Kris Lager on vocals and guitar, Jeremiah Weir on keyboards and percussion,  John Fairchild on drums and Brandon Miller on bass. Their sound is a fun blend of blues, jazz, soul and country. 

Another unique aspect of their performance was their song  progression. Most other bands are particular about which songs they play and when they play them, but not these guys.

“We never actually write out a set list,” Miller said. “Kris just starts the songs, and we all follow. It is more of an art to him. He pulls them out based on how the crowd is responding.” 

Lager seemed to have the art down, as the band never stopped smiling and the crowd never stopped  dancing.

The Kris Lager Band hits the road for a Midwest tour before performing in Omaha again on July 1 at the Holland Performing Arts Center. The show is free to the public.