Kris Lager Band brings ‘thrift store funk’ with new album “Swagadocious”


By Colin Larson, Contributor

Nebraska native, and self-described “revivalist rock and boogie trance” group the Kris Lager Band (KLB) will release their latest album “Swagadocious” at Perry’s Place Parking Lot Party and Pig Roast located at 9652 Mockingbird Drive, on Sat., Sept. 15 at 3 p.m.
KLB is comprised of Kris Lager on lead vocals and guitar, John Fairchild on drums, Brandon Miller on bass, and Jeremiah Weir on clarinet and organ. If you’re interested in unpretentious laid-back blues fusion, then this funky blues rock foursome’s fifth album doesn’t disappoint
“Swagadocious” is an eclectic blues journey through James Brown-style rhythm and soul, to modern blues rock reminiscent of the Black Keys. Songs like “Sunny Day Souldier” and “Couples Skate” take the listener back to the height of soul music with rolling guitar riffs and lyrics overflowing with angst and despair, similar to Al Green. On the other hand, the track “What You Got” is practically a tribute to the late, great James Brown’s unmistakable funk sound.
Other tracks, “Prisoner of My own Mind” and “Daylight Come/There is No Place” brings listeners’ back to  KLB’s roots of heavy blues and southern-rock riffs with raw vocals and the occasional droning guitar solo. Both songs compare to indie rock band Black Keys’ raw modern-blues approach to songwriting.
The album hits a high note with “Kris Done Took My Woman” featuring blues legend Magic Slim, winner of six W.C. Handy ‘Blues Band of the Year’ Awards. This classic Chicago blues ditty profiles Magic Slim who sings with, somewhat, joyful anguish over the loss of his woman to Kris Lager.
“Wake up early in the morning baby-by myself, Kris got my woman-and he’s gone-he done left,” sings Magic Slim.
Another notable song, “Get Back w/Fairchild Rap,” features drummer John Fairchild rapping in a nostalgic hip-hop meter comparative to Wonder Mike on “Rapper’s Delight”, but absent the originality that creates Sugarhill Gang’s timeless sound. Overall the song is a strange brew of funk, blues, R&B, and hip-hop that is, at the very least, worth a listen.
The band unveils “Swagadocious” at Perry’s Place Parking Lot Party and Pig Roast on Sept. 15. KLB will perform in the parking lot at 9 p.m. The band is promoting the show as a ‘thrift store funk’ party, and encourages attendees to “go to your local thrift store and buy the funkiest duds you can find.” The event begins at 3 p.m. with some bands still to be named. Also on the ticket is Brad Cordle at 6:30 p.m., and ADD from 11 p.m. to close.
The event promises to be a rousing night filled with funky blues, succulent pig, and plenty of vagabond chic. KLB has a way of combining classic blues music loved by the baby boomers, with modern funk and R&B that can be appreciated by a younger generation. If you enjoy listening to funk and wearing polyester clothing, you should check out KLB’s CD release party.
The album is streaming at For more information about the  CD release party, visit