KANEKO’S Human Condition event provides a hands-on approach for creative minds


Megan Schneider

A unique partnership between the University of Nebraska at Omaha and KANEKO in 2009 allows visitors to explore works of art with modern technology. The KANEKO-UNO creativity library is a space that gives students, faculty, staff and members an opportunity to explore the fine arts in the 21st century.

KANEKO is a local arts and culture nonprofit with a mission to stimulate and embrace creativity. The organization’s goal is to provide education, lectures, performances and exhibitions for people who have an interest in art and the creative arena.

Ariana Powell is a UNO student on the KANEKO staff who enjoys the cool space the library has to offer. “The gallery brings in artistic creatives all over Omaha and all over the country,” said Powell.

Powell said that people should visit KANEKO because the atmosphere is unlike any other typical library. A variety of artists, writers and designers have all shared their talent with the community at the library’s headquarters in Omaha’s Old Market District.

KANEKO states that, “creativity begins with an idea – seeing things differently. Imagination has complete freedom.”

The library believes in the power of design, performance and innovation. The nonprofit supports and promotes freedom in the field of creativity.

“The art will completely blow your mind,” said Powell. The everchanging environment is a reason to come see it for yourself.

Human Condition is an event that explores the purpose of human life amidst physical, emotional, environmental and situational circumstances. The free event at KANEKO is  being held until May 4 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The event will help people understand the physical and psychological experiences that human beings face during their existence. Human Condition is an attempt to figure out the fundamental capacity in life.

Throughout the study of humanity, human experience is universal but unique. The event examines the power of emotion and how individuals align themselves with identical or unidentical beliefs.

Expressing ourselves relates to individuals in the past, present and future. Common shared experiences throughout life help unite us as one.

The event is sponsored by the Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Humanities Nebraska and the Richard Brooke Foundation. Human Condition provides an explanation for what it means to be human between work, power, wealth, and pride here on earth.

The artists that made Human Condition possible are John Buck, Viola Frey, Misha Gordin, David Helm, Jim Krantz, Ken Little and Sunkoo Yuh.

Fascinating sculptures, dance performances and lectures will help provide visitors with a hands-on learning experience. Visitors will be also be able to fully immerse themselves and further define the meaning of humanity.