“Justice League” is a poorly executed “Avengers”

Photo courtesy Vimeo

By Will Patterson

“Justice League” was pitched as being the next big step for the DC cinematic universe. The premise was to unite several heroes in the DC Extended Universe into a single movie. Despite all the impressive actors, huge budget and marketing, “Justice League” still made for an ultimately dissatisfying movie.

The obvious comparison for “Justice League” is “Avengers.” Marvel Studios has been rolling out hits for nearly a decade. The same can’t be said for the DC Extended Universe. The standalone DC films simply haven’t been as good as the standalone Marvel movies. This shows when they try to meld the stories in “Justice League.” The sum of their stories wasn’t enough to reach critical success.

One of the biggest issues in “Justice League” is how confusing the individual hero’s stories are. There is little explanation (and no standalone movies) for several of the characters forming the League. Instead the characters have their backgrounds summed in a rushed, sloppy method.A mix of flashbacks and fast paced dialogue drown out the importance of the characters and leave viewers wanting clarification.

Comedic breaks have become a staple in superhero films. For some reason almost every “comical” moment in “Justice League” ends up falling flat. These incidents result in a packed theater experiencing an awkward, collective silence while these scenes drift past.

The editing almost seems to be unfinished in some parts. There are multiple scenes where the changes in angles and shots are disorienting—and evenly comically so at times.

Despite the sloppy storytelling and poor plot structure, “Justice League” still featured some excellent performances. Gal Gadot returned in her role of Wonder Woman after her standalone film’s critical success, and a couple actors debuted in their emerging hero roles.

“Justice League” falls into that niche area of film where only diehard fans are really going to enjoy it. Without the context and appreciation for the DC heroes, it’s difficult for a new viewer to feel attachment or understanding towards the main characters.

For fans of superhero films “Justice League” is a must see. For everyone else, it should definitely be a last choice when headed to the theater.