Joslyn Art Museum during the holidays

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Will Patterson

The Joslyn Art Museum in downtown serves as a primary source of public art in Omaha. Students seeking either a place to unwind during finals week, or a fun activity to try over winter break, can find just that at the museum.

The museum features a variety of exhibits and collections. While some are permanent, the Joslyn plays host to several traveling collections at times.

Limited time exhibits currently on display include works by Hayv Kahraman, photography by Andrew Moore and artwork by David Shannon.

Hayv Kahraman’s artwork reflects her experiences as woman who fled her home country of Iraq at 11 years old as result of the Gulf War’s growing volatility. As a result of her unique perspective, Kahraman’s work combines the influences of Western and Eastern art.

A frequent subject of Kahraman’s work is the female body and how it is perceived throughout different cultures. This is explored through depictions of woman’s bodies in distorted manners.

“Dirt Median: Photography by Andrew Moore” is the title the of exhibit currently displaying Moore’s photography of the 100th Meridian, a historically significant place in American history. Frequently viewed as the frontier in the United States’ earlier years of development, Moore seeks to capture the beauty of this vast region.

The 100th meridian stretches through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. While the landscape may seem relatively uninteresting in comparison with other sites across the country, Moore strives to dispel that belief with the 42 large-scale photographs of the region.

This exhibit is ticketed, costing general public adults $10. Youth under 18 years old and college students with ID are permitted admittance for free.

The final temporary exhibit on display is “David (Shannon) Goes to the Museum.” This exhibit showcases art by David Shannon, who is known for his best-selling children’s books.

Shannon’s signature children’s book “No, David!” was based on his recreation of book he made when he was 5 years old. The book consisted of drawings showing himself doing things he wasn’t allowed to do, captioned by the only two words he knew: no, David.

The illustrations by Shannon combine professional quality with a childish style. Much of the art on display is that which was used in his books.

All three of the Joslyn Art Museum’s temporary exhibits will be rotating within a month, so interested art enthusiasts should be sure to visit soon.

In addition to the temporary exhibits currently on display, the Joslyn is the midst of hosting its annual holiday concert series: Holiday Under Glass. The two remaining performances in the year are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday. Performances feature local musical groups, such as high school concert bands.

The Holiday Under Glass series is in its 22nd year and is sponsored by Conagra Brands as part of the organization’s Shine the Light on Hunger campaign. Donations of nonperishable food items will be accepted at the museum for the Food Bank for the Heartland.

More information about the Joslyn Art Museum’s current and future exhibits can be found at their website: