Jared Kennedy: Keeping The Gateways legacy alive

Photo Courtesy of Jared Kennedy
Photo Courtesy of Jared Kennedy

Alexa McEvoy

As the newly appointed editor-in-chief for the Gateway’s 2016-2017 year, Jared Kennedy plans to do things a little differently in his new leadership position.

“I like to lead in a way that’s team-conducive,” said Kennedy, a journalism student at the University of Nebraska Omaha. “It’s about leading as a collective.”

Kennedy said he believes collaborating is the most useful way to run a student newspaper. The Gateway, which he said has been publishing for more than 100 years, is a legacy. Kennedy wants to be a part of keeping that legacy alive.

“Beauty of the written word” drives the 21-year-old to get stories moving and published as a current news editor for the paper. Perhaps that drive also comes from his hobbies away from the Gateway’s office.

Sequoia National Park, Florida and Vail are just three of the many places Kennedy said he has been hiking. He said he would qualify himself as a “huge outdoorsmen.” If it’s outside, Kennedy said, he is partaking.

Jared Brown, a close friend of Kennedy, said the only things the two don’t have in common are Kennedy’s strong love for the outdoors and biking.

Brown said the two spend most of their time eating at restaurants, acting older than they are by discussing politics and religion.

“He knows how to talk to people,” Brown said, explaining why he considers Kennedy to be a great friend.

Brown said Kennedy talks to him in a way that doesn’t belittle him. He said it’s a characteristic he’s noticed Kennedy displays whenever he’s around people, making him a quality friend and a quality leader.

Kennedy also works for Omaha Magazine, where his love of the written word can flourish.

“I love to marry the two,” Kennedy said of the outdoors and writing.

His need-to-explore heart keeps him searching for stories on UNO’s campus.

“As a school that basically started as a run-of-the-mill community college to now one that has Division 1 athletics, its important to draw students to UNO and keep an informed student body,” Kennedy said.

He talked of the Gateway’s incredible value, saying journalism is vital to maintain a balanced information cycle on campus and beyond.

“There needs to be several different mediums to get the information,” Kennedy added.

Josie Loza, manager of student publications at UNO, said Kennedy’s leadership is critical to the student body on campus.

“He has shown that he could step up to the editor role, and evolve the newspaper online, as well as sustain the print edition,” Loza said.

Print-journalism is an invaluable resource—one that Kennedy has the heart for and drive to push others toward it as well.

“It’s an art form that needs to be kept alive,” he said.




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