It takes two to tango, but three to rock


By Anna Lynch, Entertainment Editor

Omaha’s musically inclined triplets – Sophie, Simon and Cooper Clark – have brought a new meaning to the saying “it’s a family affair.” There’s no sibling rivalry here as their affair with music hits a high note.

The 16-year-old Westside High School students started at age eight with piano lessons. Their musical paths evolved into Simon taking drum lessons and Cooper taking up guitar, which progressed to the siblings’ involvement in School of Rock and music-related activities at Westside. Eight years later and the team of triplets brought their talent to the stage with the recent launch of their second band, Clark & Company.

“Cooper and Simon were actually the ones that were first interested in forming a band, and that caught my attention,” Sophie said.

Sophie, Simon and Cooper pursued the idea and started to perform cover songs and alternative rock originals in their first band Strange Antics, which has brought them to play at various venues around Omaha, including: The Waiting Room Lounge, The Pizza Shoppe Collective and the Slowdown.

As Strange Antics progressed, the Clark triplets wanted to form a band where they could play their originals and own a softer sound. That’s when Clark & Company was born.

“I realized that many of the songs I’ve written weren’t in the ‘rock’ style that Strange Antics’ music has come to be, so we decided to go more of a ‘cover band style’ for Strange Antics. Cooper and Simon and I started a band [Clark & Company] where we could play our softer music,” Sophie added.

The idea of Clark & Company is about performing music together and inviting other musicians to play some songs with the triplets.

Simon said, “I’m really excited to play with all the guest musicians.”

From soft rock to blues, Clark & Company’s sound, Sophie mentioned, “spans from a wide range of music” with metaphorical odes. Carefully crafted by Sophie, the band’s lyrics have a deeper meaning.

“I want people to connect with my lyrics in their own way that’s personal to them. It may not be what I actually wrote about, but it would mean something to both of us,” she said. “It’s like a piece of art – you can interpret it any way you want.”

Once written, the melodic art is composed into a song, with Sophie as lead vocals and also on the keyboard, Simon on the drums and Cooper on upright bass.

When it comes to song creation, Sophie shared, “It’s really important to have the right balance of each instrument … we have to be really locked in with one another, so it takes a lot of focus and listening to each other.”

It’s evident their sibling dynamic works and their successive progression has been steadfast and professional, as Cooper agreed they work well together because they listen to each other. Simon said, “It’s easy to work with them … they’re my best friends.” 

Finding the right balance between high school and musical endeavors doesn’t seem too difficult for the Clark kids, as music is a part of their daily life. Cooper said his involvement in activities, like orchestra at Westside, have helped him improve. Simon added the change has been made smoother with the help of music courses at school and the “support of my musician friends.”

And with the swap of school books for instruments, teamwork and practice, Clark & Company took their set of 10 originals to the stage on Aug. 14 at the House of Loom.

With their second performance as Clark & Company under their belts, the already seasoned performers see music in their future. “We haven’t decided on college or anything like that, but we hope we can stay together and keep making music, wherever our individual paths take us,” Sophie said.

A bright horizon on the music scene looks promising for these budding musicians. It’s safe to say Omaha’s in good company.