HPER services to take advantage of during winter



By Cassie Wade

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with your friends, family and an over abundant supply of sweets. While going back to school can give you a much-needed break, it can be a bit harder to escape the extra pounds packed on by the latter.

Fear not, because HPER has the services you need to crawl out from under that mountain of fudge and army of gingerbread men you consumed this holiday season. The best part about what HPER has to offer? Everything is inside, away from the elements.

In fact, HPER employee Mark Joekel says you can begin to work off that extra holiday weight with the start of spring semester, as Commit to Fit week runs through Jan. 15.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha campus recreational staff will be available at several different locations throughout Commit toFit week, including the HPER Atrium, Scott Café and Mammel Hall to help students set healthy new years resolution goals.

According to the UNO website,students who set goals with the staff will be rewarded with a free T-shirt and will also have their names placed in a drawing for a chance tow in additional prizes.

Participating in Commit to Fit week is a great way to start the new year off right, but if you’re someone who requires a more structured,concrete commitment than a new years resolution goal to get back into shape, joining one of HPER’s intramural sports teams is a perfect weekly commitment for you.

HPER offers a wide variety of intramural teams and leagues for students to participate in. With everything from basketball to dodge-ball available on UNO’s intramural league website, you can easily find a sport you will enjoy playing, and you will be more likely to workout during the week if your team practices to prepare for games, like freshman Mirae Deimel’s soccer team did last semester.

“We practiced on Tuesdays andThursdays and played games onSundays,” Deimel said. “It (soccer) helped me get in shape when I otherwise wouldn’t have gone to the gym.”

Besides intramural leagues, UNO’s state of the art workout equipment makes it easy to find a unique, enjoyable workout routine tailored to fit your specific needs.

“During open hours the facility (HPER) has two workout areas with cardio and strength equipment, an indoor track, four basketball courts, racquetball courts,a pool and a rock climbing wall available to students throughout the day,” Joekel said. “With a variety of sports and classes offered at different times there is something for everyone.”

Don’t fret over your extra holiday weight this semester. Head to the gym and take advantage of the many services available to get you back into shape, and out of the cold this winter. You might even try checking out the hot tub, and showing off your now swim suit ready body before summer even begins.