10 tips on how to study smart while in college



In college, you’re covering a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Preparing for class is a priority.

Course Hero, an online site that connects students via a virtual study group, offered these 10 tips to help you succeed this year.

1. Get your books as soon as possible.

You’re not in high school anymore. Class sessions aren’t to be taken likely which means you can’t afford to wait to get the books. Chances are you’re going to walk away the first day with homework. So don’t wait.

2. Start studying before the class starts.

Familiarizing yourself with course materials and structure before class starts will set you up for success. Often times, you can look up your class syllabus in advance online. By doing so, it will save you the trouble of walking into class unprepared.

3. Go to class!

Yes, it’s sunny out and there are temptations, but if you’re not in class you won’t pass. Attendance can be an important part of your grade. Showing up is half the battle.

4. Take notes.

You’ll be going through information more quickly, so find the note-taking strategy – hand-written notes, on your laptop or iPad, etc. – that works best for you.

5. Don’t put off any assignments.

Procrastination is not the key to success. Get started on papers and assignments as soon as you know about them, and you won’t have to miss those winter and spring break beach trips with your friends.

6. Build flash cards.

If you’re a visual learner, flash cards might be your thing. Make them on post-cards or download them from Course Hero to save time before studying.

7. Network with your classmates.

Take the opportunity to meet new people in your class and get extra face time with your professors so you feel more comfortable about asking questions and seeking help.

8. Like mom always said, eat a good breakfast

Hot summer days can make you tired and sluggish. Avoid heavy, high calories foods and stick to lighter meals that include fresh fruits and veggies.

9. Don’t skip reading your textbook.

Reading your material is important. Instead of skipping it, bring it to the pool or work or the gym or wherever you might be to get it in.

10. Day dreaming about lounging on the beach?

Plan a day trip or fun activity immediately after you complete your course. This way, when you’re stuck inside studying, you have something to look forward to. Perhaps, you’d rather lounge on the couch at home, and that’s OK, too.