Hometown Twin Peaks girl wins all-star contest


By Jenn Czuba, Contributor



University of Nebraska at Omaha’s own Tember Ellis, a public relations student, won the ‘Miss Twin Peaks’ competition in Dallas Texas on May 30.

“I’m so in awe! It’s an honor to be crowned Miss Twin Peaks, and I’m so excited and happy to bring the crown back to Omaha,” Ellis said. 

She won her local competition earlier this year.  Nineteen girls from around the country competed in the national competition with Ellis. 

“The girls were very nice and a lot of us are very close still,” Ellis said.  “We all helped each other get ready the day of and a lot of us prayed together that no one would fall on stage!” 

She was in Dallas for three days with the other contestants.  They spent the majority of their time together. 

She had plenty of support from her friends at home. They were happy to help her pick out her suits, give her pointers for her walk on stage and some even texted her well wishes on the day of the contest. The owner of the Omaha Twin Peaks, and her general manager accompanied her on her trip to Dallas to support her in person.

 “We’re so excited for Tember,” Randy DeWitt, Twin Peaks CEO and co-founder, said.  “At Twin Peaks, we love to work hard and play hard, and the All-Star Bikini Contest is a great way to celebrate the Twin Peaks Girls and their amazing personalities, confidence and beauty. Tember embodies all of these traits, and then some.”

Along with the title, Ellis received a $5,000 grand prize and an invitation to the 2013 Twin Peaks Calendar photo shoot. 

“This was a great experience for me. I’ve never done anything like that before, and I had a blast,” Ellis said.  “I get to go back to Dallas in a week for five days to meet photographers and modeling agencies, so this experience has led to a lot of future options for me.”