Hindsight to Foresight: Maha’s vision for the safe return of live events in 2021


Makayla Roumph

Omaha’s Maha Festival makes optimistic plans for the safe return of live events in 2021. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Live events may have felt like a distant memory in the year of 2020, but event organizers at festivals such as the Maha Festival in Omaha are hard at work to ensure the safe return of live events in 2021.

In order to do so, they need your input.

Share your opinion.

Maha wants to hear the Omaha community’s top priorities for event safety in the COVID age.Examples include contactless payments and proof of vaccination prior to attendance of the event. The survey will remain anonymous and would help event organizers to plan and execute for next year.

If interested in voicing your opinion, visit mahafestival.com and navigate to their “Safety First” banner on the home page. From there, scroll down to “share your opinion” and click the “weigh in now” button, where you will then be taken to the survey in a new tab.

Voice your support.

Independent venues across the country continue to be affected by the pandemic.Some venues have already closed indefinitely, and others are fighting to stay in business. Venues are essential to help local economies prosper, to help the art and culture ecosystems thrive and to ensure that people in the music industry support one another.

To voice your support, contact your legislators to inform them on where you stand on the Save Our Stages and HEROES Acts, using the simple form found on SaveOurStages.com. For easier access, navigate to the button found under the “Voice Your Support” on the “Safety First” page at mahafestival.com. Also feel free to follow up with your representative’s multiple times to encourage relief for the industry.

Be prepared.

Local venues are doing their part by implementing safety precautions, but the community can do theirs by educating themselves on current regulations prior to the return of live events. To give the community a head start, Maha has provided information on The Waiting Room Lounge’s current regulations.

According to mahafestival.com, regulations include extra stage barricades to help keep performers distanced, plexiglass shields to help keep staff and patrons distanced, additional barriers in place to keep patrons distanced when not seated (like when getting a drink) and heavy-duty disinfectant sprayers and floor scrubbers. The current local health measures that are in effect are reduced venue capacity, required seating, tables spaced 6’ apart and masks on anytime you are not at your seat.

Although time feels still right now, Maha is making way to remain active in the Omaha community and surrounding areas with opportunities to donate, keep connected and stay up to date. You can sign up for Maha’s email list, found at the bottom of their website, to be the first to know of 2021 announcements and follow along on bringing events back to life again.

During this still time, also make way to remain active in your own life; Reflect on the hindsight of 2020, have a vision on the foresight of 2021 and execute when the new year arrives.