Here’s everywhere on campus you can find a blue emergency phone


By Kamrin Baker

Photo by Kamrin Baker/The Gateway

Living, learning and working on a college campus comes with a great deal of pride, joy and reward. However, it can also be accompanied by threats of danger and intermittent fear. At the University of Nebraska at Omaha, public safety officers are always available to enforce conduct rules and, well, the law.

While some non-emergency situations arise everyday, it is best to be prepared for any emergency one might experience during their time at UNO. Blue light emergency phones are located throughout campus and connect students to a public safety dispatcher with the simple press of a button.

Students will recognize these phones and probably ignore them on a daily basis commuting to and from classes but in a rare instance that an individual feels unsafe, it is vital to know where these blue lights are located.

Public Safety has a list of locations on their website, and those locations will also be listed below. In addition, for the visual convenience of students, the following maps can easily be saved to mobile devices and shared for an added level of safety.

Have a safe and smart year, Mavs!

Graphic by Connor Beebe/The Gateway
Graphic by Connor Beebe/The Gateway

Blue Light Emergency Phone Locations

Dodge Campus:
-North of Arts and Sciences Hall
-Northwest corner of Lot T
-Northwest corner of Lot U
-Northwest corner of Lot V
-Southeast of Criss Library
-West of Sapp Fieldhouse
-North entrance and southwest corner of Lot G
-Southeast of Allwine Hall
-Southwest of Milo Bail Student Center
-Southwest corner of Lot M
-Southwest corner of Lot A
-Northeast corner of Lot D
-Milo Bail Student Center 24 hour study room
-Both University Village sites
-Maverick Village (5 locations)
-Lot J (2 per level)
-Child Care Center
-South of Roskens Hall
-Southwest of Weber Fine Arts Building
-Northwest and southeast corner of Lot N
-West side of Lot O

Scott Campus:
-Southeast corner of Lot 2
-Southwest corner of Lot 4
-Northwest of Scott Residence Hall
-North and south of the Scott Business and Technology Development Center
-Northwest corner of Lot 9
-Scott Village (6 locations)
-North of Mammel Hall
-Southwest of Mammel Hall
-Southwest corner of Lot 14
-Scott Court (2 locations)