Happiness begins here: The Jonas Brothers in Omaha


Leta Lohrmeyer

A girl with a Jonas Brothers cake
Digital editor Leta Lohymeyer with a Jonas Brothers cake on her 10th birthday. Photo by Leta Lohymeyer/the Gateway

On my 10th birthday, I begged my dad to make me a Jonas Brothers chocolate cake. So, it seems appropriate that 10 years later, at the end of this decade, I got to see the Jonas Brothers live in concert.

After a surprise reunion, the family trio has released an album and started a national tour, both titled “Happiness Begins.” This is their first combined work since the band broke up in 2013, much to the delight of fans across several generations, including me.

The band of brothers performed in Omaha on Dec. 4, along with two different opening acts, Jordan McGraw (Dr. Phil’s son) and Bebe Rexha.

During Rexha’s opening set, she and her ensemble performed her own collection of songs along with the ones she helped co-write, including “The Monster,” “Me, Myself & I” and “Meant to Be.” The upbeat music and dancing were infectious to the crowd, prompting Rexha to invite an enthusiastic fan to sing along and perform a dance solo on-stage.

Then it was time for “the JoBros” to shine.

Joe, Nick and Kevin descended upon the stage in a shower of sparks. The cheers of fans were almost deafening, making it hard to hear the lyrics of the opening song “Rollercoaster.”

The Jonas Brothers performing on stage
The Jonas Brothers performed in Omaha on Dec. 4 for their “Happiness Begins” tour. Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

The triad stood on stage enveloped by screams and clapping, each of them looked genuinely moved by the reception of their return, bowing, holding their hearts and mouthing “thank you.”

They were each wearing dark suits—Joe’s looked more like a utility outfit, after retiring the vibrant fuchsia, mint green and royal purple suits once worn on the tour.

The concert was a celebration of both the history and the future work of the Jonas Brothers. They frequently alternated between their classic tunes like – one of my personal favorites – “Year 3000” to songs from their new album like “Cool.”

While the Brothers couldn’t possibly perform their entire discography, they did as many songs as they could, leading them to sing a mashup of their popular music, which would make any die-hard fan pleased with the setlist.

The show even took the time to highlight the brothers’ solo careers, with Nick singing “Jealous” and Joe performing the DNCE song “Cake by the Ocean.”

The brothers were perfectly in time with each other, everywhere from the musical harmonies to the synchronized jumping. Because there are three of them, they were able to cover more ground, going into the stage’s wings to give personal attention to fans on all sides of the stadium.

Not only did the concert sound good, but it also looked good.

There were bursts of color and confetti. Throughout the concert a narrative story was shown on the stage screens, with videos depicting the brothers interacting with actors portraying their younger selves. The videos relayed the emotions of the boys’ innocence, self-discovery and eventual joy.

The combination of nostalgia and unabashed enthusiasm made this tour truly where “Happiness Begins.” In case you were wondering, the birthday cake, along with the show, was amazing.