Group spreads faith around world


By Sean Robinson, Reporter

Over two billion people identify themselves as Christians, comprising 22 percent of the globe’s total population. Vision Beyond Borders, an organization whose mission is to provide Bibles and service to Christian followers in nations where Christianity must be worshipped in secret, has made it their goal to spread their faith and the word of God to those living in areas such as southeast Asia.

“We hope to give them more freedom of religion,” said Dyann Romeijn, public relations director for Vision Beyond Borders. “The religion is already there, so people are crying out for Bibles. They deserve them, and they have a right to worship a religion of their choice.”

In order to complete this mission, Borders, located in Montana, has often recruited college students from around the country to jet across the globe to nations like India and China to hand Bibles to secretly practicing Christians. While they aren’t directly working to implement a program at UNO for recruitment, they have had many Omaha natives travel with them to help spread Bibles, and their mission even mirrors some UNO students’ aspriations


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