Graduating senior art projects: On display in Criss Library and UNO Art Gallery



Will Patterson

Thesis projects by graduating seniors in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Studio Arts programs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha are currently being shown on campus.

The UNO Art Gallery of the Weber Fine Arts Building features projects by Bachelor of Fine Arts students, while in the Criss Library’s Osborne Family, the projects by the Bachelor of Studio Arts students are displayed. Art from a total 16 students are on display between the two exhibits.

“I love things to have a reason,” said Hylan Miller, a graduating senior with a project on display.

Miller’s thesis art piece is an animation that tells the story of her family’s confusing history in the local telecommunications business. She took it upon herself to discover the truth behind her family’s business history and put it into the project that showcased her abilities as a graphic designer and animator.

Miller said that she found her way to graphic design after a winding journey took her through several major switches. Learning applicable art skills, she found a career path she enjoyed.

Cole Dougherty is another art student with work on display. Using his skills, he created his concept for an application targeted toward individuals who are traveling to new cities and looking for information.

“Everything was illustrated by me,” Dougherty said. “The app was completely animated to help show off my animation skills.”

Dougherty’s artwork uses the city of Chicago for its example. Famous locations and attractions are portrayed in a mobile application-style in his hand drawn depictions of the city.

The thesis project of Madison Besch delves into depths of sensory experience with a presentation of how different music genres impact listeners.

“I have about three main interests and they are graphic design, science and music,” Besch said. “I made this project to kind of emulate all of those things that I love.”

Besch said that with the use of 27 researched articles and her own personal experience she pieced together a conclusive display that tied colors, emotions and genres of music into one.

While the projects have a wide diversity of inspirations, all are united in the goal of provoking new ideas and emotions in viewers.

The Osborne Family Gallery and UNO Art Gallery will continue to house the senior projects through Dec. 17. The UNO Art Gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, while the Osborne Family Gallery is open at all times that the Criss Library is open.

Groups seeking to schedule a private appointment are encouraged to contact gallery operators beforehand.