Funk Trek playing Welcome Week


By Grace Sullivan, Contributor

Back to school blues putting weights in your shoes? Lighten the load with a little funk on Wed. Aug. 22 at noon where local band Funk Trek will be layin’ down some funky fresh tunes.
The band brings a unique sound to the Omaha indie scene with its unconventional combination of structured sounds and free flowing funky beats. Funk Trek includes eight members; Tom Murnan on bass, Andrew Wahl on guitar, Dan Pflug on drums, Jared Dietz on guitar, Jake Reisdorff on keyboard, Cameron Blazek on tenor sax, Mike Lovejoy on trombone, and Kevin Pflug on alto sax.
Their sound is a mash-up of high-energy jazz and funk, providing an easy beat to groove and plenty of impromptu solos to shake it up. Inspired by the sounds and structure of Soulive, Frank Zappa, Galactic and Miles Davis, Funk Trek brings their own dose of Omaha soul to their music and quickly reminds an audience how to bust a move. The talented group showcases its funky skills with eclectic ease, creating a sweet sounding musical conversation. The perfect remedy to the over-processed, audio-tuned build up we’ve accumulated over the summer, Funk Trek will shake the sun back into our souls and put smiles back on our faces.     
Come out for a quick dance break between classes, or just to get your head right for the school year with some in-your-face funk, this Wednesday at noon outside of the MBSC..