Friends, families flip for flying flapjacks


By Jeff Kazmierski, Copy Editor

On Sunday, Feb 19, the National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association (NSSHLA) in association with the Autism Society of Nebraska (ASN) held its fifth annual pancake feed to benefit children and families with autism.

Omaha residents queued up at UNO’s Thomson Alumni Center, anxiously awaiting their chance to catch a few fluffy flapjacks on their plates before dousing them in syrup for a tasty afternoon brunch.  

The event was catered by Yvonne and Ted White, co-owners of Chris Cakes.  The couple served up hundreds of pancakes to hungry Omahans.  Plates of pancakes cost $5 for adults and $4 for children, and all proceeds went to benefit the Autism Society of Nebraska for their annual Puzzle Walk.

Students enrolled in the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s speech and language pathology program arranged and hosted the event.

“We’d like to show our love for the NSSLHA students who helped organize it and help out at Pump It Up,” ASN Communications Director Shawn Neff said.  

The NSSLHA supports the ASN in many ways throughout the year, helping out with the organization’s pool parties and monthly “open bounce nights” at Pump It Up on 72nd Street in Omaha.  

The mission of the ASN is to improve the lives of all those affected by autism, said Neff.  The organization operates statewide and arranges pool parties and other social gatherings that most families take for granted.  

“Other families can do [these things] without a lot of prior planning,” Neff said.  “They cause a lot of stress for our families.”

In addition to providing social opportunities for families and children with autism, the ASN also helps out with statewide conferences, scholarships and enrichment grants.  There is also an online forum for those who don’t have easy access to an ASN chapter.

For more information about the Autism Society, visit their website at  If you’re interested in registering or fundraising for the Puzzle Walk, visit