Former Omaha Dancers keep on dancing with the Omaha Beef


Jack Hoover

This post was updated at 11 p.m. on Nov. 12. Video courtesy of Omaha Beef.

When Katie Ondracek graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2014, she thought that her dancing career might be over.

For the past three years, from 2012 to 2014, Ondracek could be found cheering on the Mavericks as a member of the UNO dance team. To her, the time spent on the dance team proved to be a valuable experience and not something she wanted to give up so easily.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to.

Shortly after graduation, Ondracek made the decision to keeping dancing after college. So, in 2015, she tried out for the dance team of the Omaha Beef, the local indoor football team. Ondracek joined the “Prime Dancers,” and has been dancing for them ever since. She credits the dance team for giving her a strong community to be a part of, which has helped her make many new relationships.

“My favorite part would have to be the everlasting friendships I have made throughout the years on the team,” said Ondracek. “I am so thankful for the girls and I cherish every one of them. These are some of the nicest women I have met, along with our incredible coach, Sam Fry-Munoz.”

Ondracek isn’t the only former dancer from UNO who’s found their second wind on the Prime dance team. A large number of the dancers on the team come from local schools such as UNO, UNL and Creighton. The fact that the Prime Dancers have such a strong local connection is something that team coach Sam Fry-Munoz takes pride in.

The Omaha Beef dance team
The Omaha Beef Dance Team. Courtesy of Omaha Beef.

“Local presence is of great importance to us,” Munoz said. “Our girls represent not only the Omaha Beef, but Omaha itself. We have a lot of UNO students and UNO alumni. It’s fun to see girls that danced in high school or at local studios together then reunite through the Beef.”

Regardless of the backgrounds of the dancers on the team or where they come from, Fry-Munoz and Ondracek both stressed the fact that the Prime dance team tries to be a welcoming community for its members. As long as a member of the team has passion for dancing and being an ambassador to the larger community, then they’re welcome on the team.

“The biggest thing I have learned about being on this team is that we don’t care if you’re a ‘good’ dancer or not,” Ondracek said. “First, there’s no such thing as a ‘good dancer.’ It’s all about the passion of performing, enjoying the fan interactions and being with this incredible group of women!”

For those interested in joining the team in 2020, tryouts will be held on Nov. 9. Email Sam Fry-Munoz at for information on a video tryout. More information is available at the Omaha Beef website.