Fire occurs in University Villiage last week


By Amanda Push, Contributor

A fire occurred at a dorm in University Village on the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus on Tuesday, Oct. 22.
The fire was the result of a cooking accident. When the student realized what was happening, she called the fire department and campus security.
Thankfully, the fire was not large and easily contained.
“The fire was very small, very minimal,” said Trent Fredericksen, associate director of university housing.
Though the fire was not detrimental, it is a good reminder to all students who live on campus of fire safety and regulations.
In case of a fire or other emergency, students should contact the campus security emergency line at 402-554-2911. The security team can directly contact 911 and will have the quickest response.
Residents should immediately evacuate the building in the event of a fire or a fire alarm sounding.
If a fire occurs, housing staff will arrive at the site to assess the damage and make sure everyone is safe.
“Our main priority is that everyone is evacuated and safe,” Fredericksen said.
Dorms are equipped with sprinklers in case of a fire. Students should never hang items within six inches of the sprinkler heads.
No gas tanks or lighter fluid is allowed in the dorms. Christmas trees, candles and incense are also prohibited as they present a fire hazard.
Residents are encouraged to have fire extinguishers on hand.
To see the full list of fire safety regulations and prohibited items, students may refer to the University House Community Handbook.