Film Streams unites with UNO for Gender Revolt! series

photo by Will Patterson/The Gateway

Danielle Meadows

Film Streams is collaborating with the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Women’s and Gender Studies program to feature a series of films celebrating nontraditional representations of sexuality and gender.

Located at 1340 Mike Fahey St., Film Streams is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the cultural environment of Omaha by using film as an art form. Showing everything from foreign movies to timeless classics, the organization educates and entertains through presentations and discussions.

Students have year-round opportunities to engage in Film Streams’ unique theatrical experiences. The first Monday of each month is Student Night, where students can see films free with a student ID. Film Streams’ various presentations are often eye-opening and affecting, touching on topics rarely seen in mainstream movies.

Film Streams promotes community development by hosting collaborative screenings and discussions with other groups in the Omaha area. Through their showings, Film Streams ignites important conversations about the world and our local community.

Gender Revolt! is an upcoming collaboration with UNO’s Women’s and Gender Studies program being hosted by the theater. Film Streams’ education director, Diana Martinez, worked with others to select films that showcase the history and diversity of LGBTQ+ people.

From the era of movies where homosexuality was only implied in sensationalized tales of wayward souls, to today—where LGBTQ+ story “Moonlight” can win the Oscar for “Best Picture”—film is one of the most visible spaces for LGBTQ+ representation. Through 10 films, the Gender Revolt! series aims to spotlight and praise queer lives.

Film Streams’ Communications Director Patrick Kinney said this series comes directly on the heels of a whirlwind awards season that upset the typical Hollywood fare to win “Best Picture.”

“This seems like an opportune moment to reflect on a journey from the early days of film,” Kinney said.

Films in the series include “Pariah,” a story of a Brooklyn teen who jeopardizes relationships in a desperate search for sexual expression; a sing-along viewing of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” about a genderfluid punk rocker; and “The Watermelon Woman,” whose director will hold a Q&A session following the screening.

The Gender Revolt! series premieres Aug. 26 and ends Sept. 27. Tickets are $7 for students.

Kinney said it’s not always easy to find accurate or respectful depictions of queer people on the silver screen. This group of films aims to provide genuine portrayals of LGBTQ+ experiences.

“The films in Gender Revolt! defy preconceptions, celebrate individuality and work to present what the filmmakers know to be truths about queer lives,” Kinney said. “That can be a very rare and meaningful experience.”