A few of our favorite things: October edition


By Kamrin Baker

October is almost Oct-over, and to celebrate, I asked some Mavericks what their favorite things were from the arguably spookiest month of the year. They answered with variety and excitement about all sorts of things; products they’ve tried, activities they’ve attended, dogs they’ve pet and more. Basically I learned that the turtleneck I bought in Wal-Mart for $6 pales in comparison to what everyone else has going on.

“I just bought a Kim Possible costume that is going to be more than a costume. I am going to wear it all the time.” -Emily Brandon

“My favorites are Dollar Tree decorations, and Vala’s, of course. Halloween movies are the best genre, and Halloweentown is my favorite. And most of all, it’s perfect nap weather.” -Sydney Rogers-Morrell

Pumpkin concrete mixers from Freddy’s, the changing color of leaves, and all the amazing scary movies.” -Blake Casper

“I love the crisp air. And all my cute clothes are fall clothes.” -Kaycee Bartels

“Cardigans, Vala’s, Haunted Heartland, horror movies (even though that’s a year-round tradition for me), and pumpkin cream cheese bagels.” -Anna Rodriguez

“Seeing bats fly around at night and Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin.” -Megan Pfingsten

Pillsbury Halloween cookies, pumpkin patch times with pals, sweater weather, big socks, and festive movies.” -Cheyanne Buckles

“My favorite is Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF because I get to dress up, raise money and have fun!” -Abigayle Hansen

Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m not ashamed.” -Zane Jensen