Fashion Feature:


By Jake Thacker, Fashion Correspondent

Nicholas Moore is a University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate student pursuing his Masters of business administration. Moore is also the creative director of Jerry Ryan Clothing & Sportswear, the local family-owned and operated store that specializes in men’s tailored clothing. As it should be expected coming from the store’s creative director, Moore was impeccably dressed when we met at Jerry Ryan to sit down and discuss his sartorial outlook.

What are you wearing today?

Moore pointed out the elements of his rakish, debonair look: a Martin Dingman tweed sport coat, a Serica plaid button-down dress shirt, a Jerry Ryan Private Label tie, Martin Dingman mohair pants and Paraboot suede monk strap dress shoes.

Who are your style influencers?

“Like most men in clothing, Ralph Lauren is just a huge beacon. Gary Cooper is by far the best-dressed American ever. The Duke of Windsor. My grandfather was a great dresser – never owned a pair of jeans. He always wore tailored trousers and I always respected him for that.”

Are there any certain eras in menswear that you draw upon most?

“Oh, absolutely! The ’20s and the ’40s. I’ve noticed that even-numbered decades have been much kinder to men than odd-numbered decades. The ’20s, the ’40s, the ’60s, the ’80s and now have all been much better. Those 20-year cycles make a difference and that’s men’s fashion: it changes every 20 years and it’s usually going back to traditional, trimmer silhouettes and more care … there is an underlying thread though those eras and all those decades of fashion. I think the underlying one is a return to true, tailored clothes.”

Are there certain fabrics or patterns you like to wear most?

“I love windowpane. Windowpane in sport coats and suits is great. Certainly strong plaids. I’d kill for a 4-ply or 8-ply cashmere sweater. Good 7-fold silk ties … anything that’s a luxury garment, something that’s been taken care of. When you wear really, really high-quality suits and you know that that sheep has lived in better conditions than most of the human population of the world and that its wool is the best you can buy, you do feel that difference.”

If you had to describe your style … how would you?

“I’m a pretty eclectic dresser. I’ll go from sleek silhouettes and very modern block, bold coloring to more preppy, tweedy country wear. What I really feel most at home in is refined country wear.”