Farewell to UNO Vice Chancellor of Student Success, Dr. Daniel J. Shipp


Hannah Michelle Bussa

Dr. Daniel J. Shipp is leaving his role as Vice Chancellor for Student Success at UNO after over nine years at the university. Photo courtesy of the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Dr. Daniel J. Shipp officially resigned from his role as Vice Chancellor for Student Success at UNO on Sunday.

Shipp has been at UNO for over nine years and is a 1993 alumnus of the university. He will now be serving the UNMC community as the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Associate to the Chancellor.

Shipp said his role grew and evolved over the course of his over nine years at UNO.

“I was originally hired by Chancellor Christensen and Senior Vice Chancellor BJ Reed,” Shipp said. “I started out as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and later also served as our Dean of Students. Next, I was asked to serve as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, and finally was asked by former Chancellor Gold to serve as Vice Chancellor for Student Success at both UNO and UNMC.”

Shipp said he enjoyed his time with UNO.

“It’s been an awesome adventure to return to Nebraska and serve the students, faculty and staff at UNO for nearly a decade,” he said. “Beyond titles, my work and service to campus has focused squarely on supporting and improving student access and success outcomes. Much of this work happens daily behind the scenes and involves helping individual students and their families to reach their educational and career goals.”

He said his work involves supporting, coaching, strategizing and caring for the many teams of exceptional Student Success professionals at both UNO and UNMC.

“It’s also a ton of fun to work and serve people you genuinely like and respect,” he said. “Even better, I love my team and feel privileged to do this work with them!”

Shipp said it is tough to pick just a few memories, but some stand out to him as he reflects on his time at UNO, like the close relationships with faculty, staff, colleagues and students.

“Seeing so many staff and students build confidence through experience and thrive in their personal and professional lives is what it’s all about to me,” he said.

He said helping to lead and support the redesign of the Walter Scott Jr. Scholarship Program for the students and Mr. Scott was one of the most rewarding experiences of his career.

“We created what many believe is the nation’s finest military and veteran services office for our military affiliated students,” he said. “This work has been essential to honoring the sacrifices made by so many of our students and their families. This is a major point of pride for the campus.”

He also said helping to create the Student Service, Leadership and Innovation Collaborative in the CEC and helping to start the Gender and Sexuality Resources Center stood out in his reflection.

“I’m so proud of our students for hosting MBLGTACC in 2018,” he said. “This was a historic accomplishment for our campus, and our students led the way!”

He said other memories, like raising millions of dollars for scholarship and program funds to support UNO students, and constructing a new residence hall, Scott Crossing, and the new campus visit center, Maverick Landing, were other key memories that stood out for him. He also helped to create the Academic and Career Development Center for students.

“Based on student voices, we created a new one-stop campus wellness center in H&K that has included significant investments in Counseling and Psychological Services and Accessibility Services,” he said.

He said creating a spirit and tradition program that has included a redesign of new student convocation and the addition of ongoing signature programs like Durango Days and the recent addition of Multicultural Music series are among his favorite memories as well.

“All this work adds up to having consistently grown enrollment and establishing new institutional high marks for student retention and graduation rates,” he said.

Shipp said this has been the best personal and professional decade of his life.

“I have greatly enjoyed serving our students as both a caring administrator and classroom instructor,” he said. “I’m very proud of how Mavericks came together during COVID to keep each other safe and focus on teaching and learning through the pandemic. So, thank you students and staff for helping us to continue moving forward during these difficult times.”

He said he can confidently report to the campus that he is leaving UNO better than he found it.

“I step away today knowing UNO is going to continue doing great things for the Omaha community and beyond,” he said. “This is truly the best time to be a student at UNO and in Omaha. I am excited for Dr. Li and the team to continue the important work of advancing student success! I’ll be sure to stop by from time to time to check in on and cheer your progress.”