Falafel a mainstay of Dundee neighboorhood


By Derek Munyon
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Mediterranean food is becoming more popular than ever; it’s widely considered one of the healthiest diets in existence. While you could question how healthy Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob is, there’s no doubt that its one of the most popular Mediterranean style restaurant in Omaha.

The Dundee location is small and often packed. Three tables are crammed into the tight space along with a long window counter. The walls are decked out in pastels and old bike murals and the overwhelming smell of curry wafts through the air.

The falafel ($6.25) comes either classic or spicy. The fried chickpea patty is put in a grilled Kaiser roll and covered in red cabbage, tabouleh and tomatoes. You can choose from a selection of 4 sauces, garlic, herb, and spicy red or spicy green. The patty itself is salty and dry, but the sauces and toppings add much-needed flavor. The sandwich as a whole gets fairly messy however, and if you are taking it any distance it tends to get soggy quickly.

The other protein available is a beef doner kabob ($6.75). It’s gyro style meat, cooked on a twirling spit and sliced into thin, spiced ribbons. The kabob sandwiches are covered in the same toppings as the falafel. On top of getting the kabob and falafel in sandwich form, you can also get all the fixings as a salad or on a bed of garlicky hummus. Another major draw to Amsterdam are the curry fries ($2 for regular,
Falafel a mainstay of Dundee neighborhood $3 for large), which are thin, shoestring fries dusted with curry powder.

They are served with either ketchup of mayo. The fries have great flavor if you enjoy the taste of curry, however, they often end up undercooked and soggy. If you’re able to get them crisp, however, they’re perfect. You can also get the fries as feta fries ($5), the same curry coated potatoes covered in feta and all 4 sauces.

The restaurant also offers Moroccan peanut soup ($5) and the hummus plate ($5.75) which comes with carrots, grilled pita and tabouleh. All dishes can have feta added for $.99.

On top of the location in Omaha, they also have one in Lincoln at 808 R St. The Omaha store opens at 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday.