Entertainment essentials for dorm living

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Madeline Miller

The beginning of college also marks the beginning of an unprecedented amount of unscheduled leisure time. Especially living on campus, it can be difficult for freshmen to know how to fill their time.
Every dorm needs at least one television. No one wants to setup a laptop on a TV stand and pretend they can all hear and see the movie.
Smart TVs have become relatively inexpensive, barely costing more than their non-smart counterparts. If you already have a TV that is not a smart TV, you can upgrade it simply and easily by purchasing a streaming device like a Roku or an Amazon Firestick for a one-time cost. Many smart TVs have such devices built in, and these can be much easier to use and more reliable than other brands.
Cut costs by staying on your parent’s Netflix and Hulu accounts. If this is not an option, splitting up streaming service costs between roommates is a great way to make sure everyone can watch whatever they want and no one is stuck with a huge bill for it at the end of the month.
Leave your gaming consoles at home, at least for the first semester. Having an Xbox or a Play Station around can get you into trouble if you tend to neglect homework and socializing in favor of playing video games. Wiis tend to be more social, with many games being much more fun with a full roster.
However, it is still a good idea to hold off for at least a few months until you know how well you will handle your brand-new workload with no parents around to dictate how you spend your time. Call of Duty can wait until you are sure you are going to pass all your classes.
Board games and card games, on the other hand, are almost exclusively played with others and can be a great excuse to invite people over and make friends. The friends you make freshman year often end up being the friends you will have for the rest of your college career, so make use of this time by reaching out to as many different people as possible.
Noise canceling headphones. Even though you will want to make as many friends as possible your freshman year, there will inevitably be times when you will want to be alone. Whether it is finishing a paper or just getting away from all the noise and excitement, a good pair of noise canceling headphones and
an MP3 player will make all the difference.
You will not have to splurge too much to drown out the world,just about any decent pair of headphones or earbuds will do the trick. They also help cut down on noise complaints from your roommates. Despite what you may think about your musical taste, not everyone is going to like the same tunes and not everyone is going to want to listen to music at the same time.
With just a few entertainment essentials, filling unscheduled freetime in the dorms will be much easier to manage, and you will have a place both to entertain guests and unwind after a long week.