Email scam targeted UNO students

Photo Courtesy of WOWT

Jose Rodriguez

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has sent a university-wide warning to be on alert for job scams as recent reports point to suspicious emails being sent to students.

A student reported being the victim of theft by deception/fraud after receiving an email allegedly recruiting “Secret Shoppers” with opportunities to make up to $1,000 weekly, according to the UNO Department of Public Safety’s warning bulletin.

These types of scams are advertisements for job positions sent to individuals, offering opportunities to make reasonable amounts of money. Usually these advertisements lack clarity on the sender’s identity and company, or offer job accommodations that seem too good to be true.

Falling for these types of scams can result in theft of information and monetary funds. This can be done through the clicking of links within emails, giving away personal information, cashing counterfeit checks and withdrawing money at the request of scammers.

Assistant Director of Career Advising in the Academic and Career Development Center Katie Wessel details how a scammer might achieve monetary gains.

“Say they gave you a check and ask you to deposit it and then send money back,” Katie said. “As that check ends up bouncing, you’re now responsible for the withdrawn money from your account.”

With the rise of these scams, students are more likely to encounter one at any given time, either by email, phone, text or media in print and online.

Students and community members in general can avoid being victimized by paying attention to certain aspects of the scam’s message, according to Chief Information Security Officer and Assistant CIO Matt Morton.

“Anybody operating a business remotely understands that at the minimum, you should be able to Skype with people or see their face,” Morton said. “Any request to do that usually is avoided in the job scams because that would give them away.”

Other important aspects to be on the lookout for are the specific company identity details provided (company name, website, etc.), unrealistic money offers for required work or requests for money transferences.

For more information or any complaints about electronic scams contact UNO’s Security Help Desk at 402-554-4357, the UNO Department of Public Safety at 402-554-2648 or the Academic & Career Development Center at 402-554-3672.