Editor’s Letter: Welcome Back, Mavs!


Kamrin Baker

Photo courtesy of Dafnis Delgado

Happy Fall Semester, Mavs!

Our beloved university often pushes the definition of ‘maverick’ as someone who is an independent thinker, an explorer, a risk taker—a leader. As I embark on my own maverick-esque journey as editor in chief here at the Gateway, my dream is for our newspaper to carry the same weight and synonymy with the word ‘maverick.’

We are composed of and are, quite literally, independent thinkers, creators, reporters and truth guardians. Our newspaper is proud to be independently run by students, meaning we have the great privilege and responsibility of holding our institution(s) accountable and sharing stories and perspectives we believe to be vital to our community. Press freedom is the lifeblood of democracy, and though we may seem small in the grand scheme of talking heads on TV news and global investigative reports in the Washington Post, we are mighty, authentic and deeply relevant.

Our stories ricochet from topics like campus parking statistics, to the impact of local and national legislation on our students, to profound personal narrative pieces that chronicle the rich, diverse and complex history of the UNO Mavericks. We are timeless explorers of discourse, thought and accuracy, and though we have an extensive archive to prove this, I hope this year’s volume of the Gateway speaks for itself.

I am honored to have been selected as the lead risk-taker in a newsroom full of bold and courageous reporters, and I hope my tenure continues to exemplify the humanity and bravery behind all storytellers.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Welcome Back issue, with special highlights like a beautiful cover from UNO alum Julia Mason (a bold, gifted woman in the Omaha community—sensing a theme?), prominent news stories, diverging opinions, thrilling athletics previews and heart-pounding arts and entertainment articles. Our digital site is also thriving with online exclusive content, photo essays and more.

Allow this issue (and those to come) to be a mirror of your UNO experience. Who do you see in the reflection? Who represents your interests? Whose mouth is doing the talking, hands doing the writing? I invite you to use your voice – if you don’t hear one that sounds like yours, take the bull by the horns and live a story on this campus that deserves to be written in the annals of UNO history.

Go Mavs!

Kamrin Baker

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