Durango Days: Start your year with a bang

Photo Courtesy of unomaha.edu
Photo Courtesy of unomaha.edu

Will Patterson

The first days of college can be terrifying. For many this serves as the first time that they are moved out their house, they don’t know anyone around them, and they don’t know how to go about the regular swing of things.

Luckily UNO has Durango Days, a perfect icebreaker for the beginning of a new year.

Durango Days is an annual event at UNO to kick off the new year and bring the students closer together. For nine days UNO and even some local venues will host a variety of events to get students out and having fun.

This year’s Durango Days is kicked off on Aug. 20 with the Maha Music Festival in Aksarben stretching a whole 12 hours and events on campus giving out free food and Maverick gear.

The following day UNO will host its New Student Convocation at the Baxter Arena, an event highly encouraged for new students to attend. A reception catered by Olive Garden with cupcakes from Jones Bros. will take place right after the convocation.

Parents and families of the new students are also encouraged to attend the convocation as well as the catered reception afterwards.

Shuttles to and from the Baxter Arena will run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Pick up locations for the shuttles will be located at Maverick Village, the Arts and Sciences Hall and Scott Village.

Throughout the following week events will take place all across campus with numerous opportunities to score free UNO merchandise and meet some new people on campus.

“If nothing else get some free food!” Said Trevor Harlow, a sophomore UNO student ambassador.

Many other UNO students echo Harlow’s statement as the campus is brimming with free food for the taking throughout the entirety of Durango Days. Nearly every day of the week free food for all UNO students will be available at the Pep Bowl, the grassy, bowl shaped field next to the soccer field in the middle of campus.

In addition to a wide range of new events taking place throughout the week there are several returning events from years past that have been extremely popular with the UNO students. One of these such events is HPER After Dark.

HPER After Dark is night of fun and games at the HPER building from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. With only a MavCard required to get in students get access to free pizza and a massive selection of friendly competition and activities.

“HPER After Dark is always a big one that people love,” said Holly Schurman, the executive director
of Maverick Productions, the group responsible for hosting HPER After Dark and other events throughout the year.

Schurman went on to explain that HPER After Dark is typically a favorite event of students during Durango Days. She emphasized how it was one of the first big events of the school year that students could really look forward too.

All these events are only scratching the surface of the wide variety of activities taking place on UNO’s campus during Durango Days. A full schedule and additional information is available at UNO’s website.