Dorm fire


By Natalie McGovern, News Editor

A new outbreak has plagued UNO dorms recently. A fire ant epidemic has left students in Maverick Village stunned and upset over the recent isolated incident. Reports of the new bug infestation hit the health department Friday morning.

Student Yolanda Wisner, sophomore, was oversleeping her 11:30 a.m. class when she felt as if she had been sharply stung by something.

“After playing tug-of-war with the sheets to find the culprit, the sheets won, and I lay in my bed exhausted.  That’s when a red ant crawled up the side of my bed: a fire ant. I called campus security-I didn’t know what else to do!” Wisner is an environmental science major at UNO.

Assistant health director Charlize Turney believes the epidemic to be a case of unwelcome hitchhikers from the aftermath of vacationing in South Padre.

“Red ants are common to areas of Texas and a lot of students make the mecca journey each year to parts of the state that are infiltrated with these pesky bugs,”  Turney said.

“We’re fortunate there is not a larger outbreak in other dorms, considering how popular South Padre is.”

Students are advised to thoroughly check over backpacks, duffle bags and any luggage they have if they traveled over spring break. For further information on how to prevent fire ants, contact the UNO health department.