Dork the Halls: Apollon to host nerdy Christmas


By Derek Munyon

If you’re a nerd, maybe Christmas just doesn’t fit right with you.

Sure, Santa has his elves, but they aren’t the Children of Ilúvatar. Generally, dragons and Jedi aren’t included in the holiday festivities, but thanks to Apollon, they are this year.

The arts space is holding Dork the Halls! through Dec. 19. Tickets are available on Apollon’s website and cost $19.99 for students and $34.99 for general admission.

The event includes a series of vignette performances and a three-course meal from Chef Ron Maher, along with a themed bar menu. The performances will feature nerdy cultural staples such as Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Ghostbusters, Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings and Pac-Man, all with a holiday twist. The event also features visual art and geeky Christmas carols. The show is family friendly, so you can bring your younglings along as well.

Each of the three courses included in the event have nerdy titles as well. The Dungeons & Dragons appetizer includes pita with a pimento cheese, pate and hummus dragon’s egg. The Hobbit Supper is a serving of golden potatoes, sauerkraut, sausage and hot mustard and the Finish Him! Dessert is home-made fudge with Oreo delight. If you’re interested in attending the event, tickets are now available.

The Apollon, located at 1801 Vinton St. in Omaha, is an organization that tries to empower emerging artists to create unique experiences for the community. They provide space, resources and support to artists, and encourage collaboration.

They also believe that all artists should be compensated for their work. The organization started in 2009 by Creative Director Ryan Tewell. For more information, check out Apollon’s website.