Disaster Relief Fund could make difference for victims of M’s Pub disaster


By Jared Kennedy
The Omaha News

Victims of the M’s Pub fire in early January now have access to monetary assistance.

The Old Market Disaster Relief Fund a fund created weeks ago is now assisting employees who need monetary assistance. Those in need can contact the Salvation Army to learn more about the program.

Major Greg Thompson of the Salvation Army said employee needs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and aid will be distributed accordingly.

“They can call us right here at the Salvation Army, our hotline number is 402-898-7537,” Thompson said. “They can also come to our offices at 107th and Burt and we will direct them over to our EDS [Emergency Disaster Services] department and they can get help from there.”

The idea for the fund came from Brite Ideas business owner Travis Freeman. Freeman’s building burned down in 2005. He said he knew just what the employees at M’s were going through.

“I know what a fire does to your employees, your people, and just the devastation so I wanted to start this disaster relief fund for the employees of the old market,” Freeman said.

Employees in need of aid can contact the Salvation Army’s main line at 402-898-7700, their disaster relief hotline at 402-898-7537 or visit their offices on 107th and Burt Streets.