Review: Dirty Dancing Production met expectations, but didn’t wow fans



Brooke Criswell

Online Editor

The iconic 1980’s movie Dirty Dancing was just as perfect on stage last week at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Omaha as the first time I saw it.

I was so impressed by the theatrical remake that I had to share my experience.

In fact, I felt as though I was a part of the crowd at Kellerman’s Resort, the scene in which the production takes place. I was quite impressed how many of the cast members sounded immensely like the actresses and actors in the 1987 film. Their appearances also resembled very closely with the body shapes, clothes and hairstyles.

I have been in love with the movie since the first time I saw it, years ago. I was a bit worried the theatrical play wouldn’t live up to my standards. The performance ended up surpassing them.

The script was pretty dead-on, word for word what characters said in the original film. I couldn’t help but wonder, how many times they must have had to watch the film to capture the essence of Dirty Dancing. Due to theatre practicality, the writers had to add in a couple of frames of which did not happen in the movie but gave the show a little revamp.

Another small upset, I’m sure copyright regulations got in their way of using all of the same music from the original show but they made it work. For example, some of the songs were performed by a live band that was above the platform, and some were played as original and some only had the melody.

I must complain a little about my favorite part: the ending. As far as I’m concerned, nobody can pull off Baby and Johnny like Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. Therefore, I was a bit disappointed in the “nobody puts Baby in the corner” scene, the line didn’t move me just like the lift in the finale’s dance routine didn’t sparkle.

I still think each member did a fantastic job at being so precise on the choreography.

Over all, it was a great experience that took a little imagination but that is the greatest part of theater. You are able to interpret different acts they way you want. You get to feel closer to the words and music the cast is acting out.

I would highly recommend seeing the production if you are an 80’s movie lover, as I am.