Crime log headlines


Here at The Gateway it is of utmost importance to us we keep students, faculty and all who regularly attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha safe through the timely reporting of news and current events.

Here at UNO we are blessed with a skilled and confident campus security department that is committed to keeping us all as safe as possible. Campus Security keeps a detailed record of all incidents reported on campus, this weekly updated portfolio is called a crime-log.

Due to our commitment to keeping our fellow Mavericks safe, The Gateway will be bringing you weekly crime-log updates. These updates are designed to keep people informed on what is happening right here on campus.

The reason it is important that people read these campus incident updates boils down to this—how can you protect yourself from what you don’t know is there. For example, did you know in recent weeks there was a sexual harassment reported on campus? A man followed a female student around campus in his car while yelling obscenities at her and pleasuring itself. These updates are intended to put you, the reader, at the forefront of what is happening on campus so you can be prepared to avoid dangerous situations like this one.

The crime-log is public record and anyone can stop by the Campus Security office and flip through it. We have decided to print the crime log weekly because of its importance and to make the information as available as possible for students.

In comparison to many universities in this country, UNO as a community does an irreproachable job with preventing sexual harassment and assault. It is of utmost importance that we maintain this good record, not only for the reputation of UNO, but also and more importantly for the safety of all who call this campus home.

Crime log headline
Monday, Sept. 14, 2015
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015
Crime log Sept. 14 through Sept. 20:
Student reported golf clubs, a bluetooth speaker and flashlights stolen from their vehicle while parked in lot 9.
Faculty member reported their wallet stolen from the Peter Kiewit Institute