Clinton Emails

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Ashton Nanninga

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, the past year has been an interesting frame for the political picture. We saw the unexpected demise of a career politician, and with it, the rise of a new-age goliath. Perhaps one of the most discussed topics in this election cycle was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s improper, and arguably illegal, use of a private server. Following her behavior, the Federal Bureau of Investigation ‘launched’ an investigation questioning Clinton’s actions. However, shortly after this announcement, the FBI decided against prosecution of the candidate.

The reason I use the term “launch” loosely is because of how unprofessional the FBI handled the investigation. During the investigative process, the FBI flip-flopped on how to handle the issue. One major occurrence was between FBI Director James Comey and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. After the FBI stated that they would not be prosecuting Clinton, Comey planned to resume the investigation by claiming that new evidence had been found. This instance calls for questioning. However, Lynch advised that sending the letter would conflict with the ongoing election. The individuals overseeing the case could not even agree on how to handle it.

Now, I understand that this isn’t an explicit statement by Lynch. But her advice to Comey was made shortly after she was seen having a meeting with former president, Bill Clinton. No statements from either party have been provided of the exchange, but the meeting was private for a reason. Because of the FBI’s mishandling on all parts, the Department of Justice is now investigating the FBI and the decision the bureau made involving Clinton’s emails.

The DOJ will be trying to uncover the truth behind the FBI’s motives. However, there is much more than just the front cover. For the truth to be brought out, they must look behind the curtain. Politics is more than just public speeches with politically correct statements or handshakes between flag-pinned members of the government. It’s about the private meetings with powerful people. For all you “House of Cards” fans, this is a commonality in everyday politics; secrecy is the name of the game. The DOJ is going to have to dig much deeper to find what the FBI or Clinton are hiding. The evidence needed to reveal the actual events in this scandal isn’t going to be floating just beneath the surface.

The hard reality is that even the DOJ may not be able to surface the facts behind the FBI’s motives. We may never know the why or the how of this largely publicized incident, but we do know that one of the parties involved has something to hide. It will take months for a statement to even be produced on the issue, despite their lackluster track record. So we must sit and wait, and hope, that our government can bring light to the darkness of secrets kept. And if not, it is up to the individuals behind the scenes: journalists. They are the ones with the power to find out what is really going on. We as a nation rely on the idea that we can and will live in an honest society. It may not always or may never be true, but the idea remains. The reality of the issue is that secrets tend to stay kept, but eventually something and someone will be exposed.