Clark & Company releases latest album, “Josephine Had a Dream”


Will Patterson

Clark & Company, a band whose four core members are all University of Nebraska at Omaha sophomores, released its third album, Josephine Had a Dream.

For those who don’t know, Clark & Company is made up of four members, three of which happen to be triplets: Sophie, Simon and Cooper Clark. The fourth member is Cameron Thelander, hence the “company” in Clark & Company.

Sophie plays the keyboard, sings and does the songwriting for the group, while Simon plays drums and other percussion instruments. Cooper plays the acoustic and electric base, and Thelander adds the tenor saxophone that helps give the band it’s unique sound.

The group’s sound is something that is alive and evolving. Since the Clarks began playing, they have witnessed their music go through a series of changes. So-phie said that today the music re-sembles that of the singer-songwriter genre with influences from the world of jazz and blues.

Josephine Had a Dream was officially released with a performance by Clark & Company at Reverb Lounge Friday. The concert gave audience members a live performance by the band and a chance to purchase the latest album.

The latest installment of the Clark & Company album collection features a series of different musicians. Listeners will hear collaborations with several local artists.

“We really wanted to promote this album because I feel like we finally found our sound,” Sophie said. “I think we’ve always had a sound while playing live, but I think this album has really hit home.”

Simon and Sophie partially credit their latest musical development to the opportunity to record at Warehouse Productions in downtown Omaha. With the expertise of Tom Ware, they were able to craft recordings with a more professional edge.

Clark & Company’s latest album is a new adventure for the band.

In addition to making new music, the band has created its first music videos. Currently three lyric videos and three classic style music videos are available online. Currently the songs with music videos are “I’ll Be Fine,” “Something” and “To Rule the World.”

Simon and few friends currently operate an audio and video production company. The production of the band’s first music videos gave him a chance to utilize his knowledge in the matter.

“It’s really cool to be working together and getting to have some creative control,” Simon said.

In addition to Josephine Had a Dream being available online and in CD, Clark & Company will also be selling their latest album on vinyl for the first time.

Those interested in listening to Clark & Company can find their music on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. The band also maintains active social media and can be found on their website,