Chancellor Gold announces campus operational update


Grant Rohan

Text in white "Campus Updates" with a red banner behind it. The picture behind the words is a COVID-19 virus.
Photo courtesy of the CDC/graphic by Leta Lohrmeyer/the Gateway

UNO Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., announced on Tuesday a series of operational updates as the campus shifts into remote learning.

In an email announcement to the UNO community, Gold empowered students to focus on their health, safety and education.

“I want you to know that leaders at UNO are working on solutions that will provide some financial relief and operational clarity,” Gold said in the announcement.

UNO will provide a 60% housing refund on remaining nine or 12 month contracts with a prorated effective date of March 15. The refund will first be applied to outstanding balances including tuition and fees.

Students must formally check out prior to March 24 to receive a refund. Note that students may cancel their contract after March 24 but are subject to existing cancellation terms.

Parking permit holders will also receive a refund depending on the type of permit. Students will receive a prorated refund from March 15 through the end of the spring semester.

For faculty, staff and student workers, UNO will accommodate alternate work arrangements, including at-home work, pending department chair/head approval. Workers are encouraged to use the existing sick, crisis and vacation leave and flexible policy to complete their work.

Absences not related to COVID-19 will follow existing sick and leave policies.

The policy is open to all staff, including student workers with unique circumstances. Plant labs, animal labs and research with special contracts or Federal regulations may require new solutions and designated on-campus personnel. Administrative leaders are encouraged to make alternate work arrangements determined at the college and department level.

Effective Tuesday, March 17 at 5 p.m., all Campus Recreation activities and services will discontinue for the remainder of the semester. Those with personal items in lockers are asked to retrieve them by 5 p.m. or schedule an appointment for retrieval by calling 402.554. 2539.

“I am moved and impressed by the way our entire community is coming together to meet this challenge and to keep each other safe and healthy,” Gold said.

University administrators will continue to provide updates as campus circumstances progress.