CEO carves pumpkins, remembers Jobs


By Carson Farfalla-Cederberg, Contributor

The Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization at the University of Nebraska Omaha kicked off fall with a pumpkin-carving contest. Students competed for prizes awarded to pumpkins with the most unique design.

The contest was held at the Milo Bail Student Center Plaza just after many students finished midterms. The event was held to help raise funds for CEO to attend start-up business events around Omaha. The carving also came shortly after the passing of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. To honor Jobs’ passing, CEO encouraged contestants to dress like the tech-wizard, most wearing black turtlenecks, a signature look of the late Jobs.

The Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization was started for the purpose of gathering UNO students interested in entrepreneurship. The group provides guidance, support and an open venue for students to develop ideas and innovation. Business start-up weekends have become popular events where entrepreneurs can collaborate with other inspiring colleagues. The event is held to accomplish the goal of taking an idea of a business and turning it into a tangible entity.

In September, UNO held a start-up weekend at Mammel Hall. Senator Ben Nelson came to speak to the attendees, many members of CEO.

Nelson spoke about how federal regulations affect Nebraskan entrepreneurs. The senator then explained the importance of entrepreneurship. Nelson said entrepreneurs are responsible for creating new businesses and play a vital importance in Nebraska job creation.

The start-up event proved to support CEO’s principles and was popular with many members. CEO decided it wanted to attend more start-up weekends to create more successful entrepreneurs, thus the carving contest was planned to jumpstart fundraising while also allowing students to decompress their stress from recent midterms and enjoy some fall fun.

The event was a success according to student Grant Purcell.

“Walking through the plaza got me pumped for Halloween and took my mind off my midterms,” Purcell said.

Student Sammi Abdouch was moved by the students garbed in Jobs-wear.

“Seeing all the black turtlenecks reminded me of my iPod and made me sad that Steve Jobs is gone,” Abdouch said.

 Many students were thrilled with the event and received prizes for their innovative carving designs.