Baxter Arena opening weekend by the numbers

A glance at some of the opening weekend figures for Baxter Arena... 15,797 Combined attendance Friday and Saturday. 2 Number of venues UNO has called “home” before the Baxter...

Men’s tennis blanked by UMKC

UMKC 7, Omaha Mavericks 0 Singles competition 1. Airam Castellano (UMKC) def. Colin Buckley (OMAHA) 6-1, 6-2 2. Uldis Gaismins (UMKC) def. Matt Dunn (OMAHA) 6-3, 6-7...

No Quick Fix in Jacksonville

Last Tuesday, Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback David Garrard did his part to attend a team-sponsored luncheon with fans to drum up support and sell season tickets.  Just two hours later, he was released from the team.

How's that again?  They released him from the team?

Expectations & Realities

A buddy and I have a theory about the NBA. There are NBA teams and there are association teams. Association teams typically play exceptional defense, exploit rebounds and can deliver in the half court. 

Short roster, long challenges

The average Summit League women's soccer roster is made up of just over 27 players.  UNO will have nowhere close to that luxury in 2012.

Baxter Arena is the name of UNO’s new athletic arena

The University of Nebraska Omaha's new $82 million arena will open October with a name familiar to many: Baxter. In a Wednesday morning unveiling, University...

Different level, same success


Winning seasons are something the UNO softball program has become accustomed to.  Since 1988, the Mavs have had a winning season every year and average 42 wins per season during that span.

Stealing the Summit: Hollins Leads Mavericks with Tenacious Defense, Passion

Gabriel Christensen CONTRIBUTOR Teamwork and passion are among the building blocks to success—According to University of Nebraska at Omaha Basketball player Tra-Deon Hollins. Currently, Hollins leads the...