Blue October loves Omaha, and Omaha loves Blue October

Photos by Jenna Hynek. Ben Helwig Contributor It’s a common phrase yelled by the lead singer during a concert: “WE LOVE YOU (Insert city here).” Well, when...

Demonstrators gather in response to Kavanaugh controversy

Photos by Maria Nevada/the Gateway Maria Nevada Photo Editor At noon on Sunday, Sept. 20, in the cold and rain, demonstrators gathered on the intersection of 59th and...

Through the lens: NetWar 35.0

Maria Nevada PHOTO EDITOR Hundreds of gamers lined the floor of the Baxter Arena Sept. 7 and 8 for every video game lover’s dream: NETWAR 35.0. NETWAR is...

Through the lens: NeighborFest 2018

Photos by Maria Philomena Nevada/the Gateway

Barenaked Ladies at Stir Cove

Jenna Hynek Contributor