Ethnicity (checking a box) vs. race (being boxed in)

Often, people fail to understand the distinction between ethnicity and race, or they fail to recognize a line exists between them at all.  Supposing that these two terms can be blurred together to coexist as synonymous concepts is a dangerous assumption.

Don’t burden students for debt

If you don't think you have a stake in this debt ceiling debate, then you had better start paying attention.

Media reinforces Islamophobia

Aghast and devastated when news reached us of the attacks in Norway, everyone was deeply pained that someone could so mercilessly claim the lives of 90 innocent individuals.

Blackboard 9.1

On May 9, UNO's much anticipated upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 debuted live on the Internet. Instructors integrated the latest version of the online software into summer courses with only a few reported glitches.

Solving the parking puzzle

The first few weeks of parking on campus are an unavoidable nightmare. If you want a spot, you better haul your butt down to campus before 8 a.m. or you can forget about it. Every semester begins that way. Then, gradually, parking problems die down.

Poor college students no more: tips to save money as a student

Eating ramen noodles four years in a row may be reality for some students, but you can still find ways to have fun on a dollar. No, the dollar isn't worth very much these days, but that's a whole other story.

Crossing the final “Border”

The corporate heads of Borders recently announced they're filing for bankruptcy and all their stores will be closing.

The attributes of

Every semester we're stuck doing teacher evaluations, but students have taken it upon ourselves to create our own system.