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Limbaugh’s latest outrage

On February 23, a 30-year old college student testified before Congress regarding the need for insurance coverage of contraceptive services.  She told the story of a classmate who ended up losing an ovary to cystic growths that could have been prevented by the use of oral contraceptives, a treatment not covered by her insurance.  She was the only woman allowed to testify before Rep. Darrell Issa's subcommittee. 


Another piece of my childhood has passed.  On Saturday, Aug 25th, Neil Armstrong died. 

Online activist, Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide, will be an e-martyr

A lot of people have heard about Aaron Swartz in the past week, but his death really wasn't about Reddit.  In fact, his death is far more than the death of a single person, but almost as a martyr for a cause.  This cause is referred to in many ways, but perhaps "open Internet" is the best.

Which to Bury?

I blinked.

"Come again?"

Christy glared at me, as if I was asking her to regurgitate the muffin she'd just swallowed.

No justice, no sweets

This summer about 400 foreign exchange students from countries including China, Nigeria and the Ukraine came to our country on a summer cultural exchange work visa program. They wanted to practice their English, earn some money and learn more about what life is like in the United States.

What happened to them should be a national embarrassment. The students were put to work in a Pennsylvania plant that packages and ships Hershey's chocolates.

Harold and Baxter

There is an airport. Not a very well known or famous airport, but an airport nonetheless. It has a couple runways and a few planes--infernal flying machines. Let's presume this airport is in Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa--in fact--is where this airport resides. That sounds like a fine place for an airport to call home. An airport needs a good home, much like a child or fichus.