The relevance of books

Jeff Turner CONTRIBUTOR The world has become a fast-track culture. As we lean more on the internet, we are having information doled out to us faster....

U.S. media sugarcoats North Korea at Olympics

Jessica Wade OPINION EDITOR No CNN, Kim Jong-un’s sister is not “stealing the show at the Winter Olympics,” she is not “North Korea’s Ivanka,” Washington Post,...

The pros and cons of online courses

Alexandria Wilson CONTRIBUTOR As class registration winds down, many students are faced with the choice to choose between taking a class in person or online....

Michael Phelps: the greatest Olympian of all time

No one could have predicted the tremendous success that Michael Phelps would achieve when he made his first Olympic debut at the young age of 15 in Sydney, Australia in 2000. He finished fifth in his only event, the 200m butterfly.  

Facebook Privacy

Facebook has gone through another round of appearance changes – call them "facelifts" if you want – bringing with them the now-traditional flurry of complaints about the changes. While many have complained about usability issues, most of the gripes seem focused on privacy concerns.

Last cigarette

Twenty cigarettes corking your mouth,

Chapping your lips,

Peeling your skin back until

It hangs like old drywall,

Curled and coated in smoke,

A cough and they splinter free,

And you fall to the floor to pick up every last one,

Trembling fingers holding trembling tobacco

And the butt is between your lips and the lighter smells like gasoline

And black is blown back a brilliant orange

And it's lit—

Hollywood’s dark secret has come to light – it’s time to act

Madeline Miller SENIOR REPORTER The wake of destruction left in the path of Hollywood’s “open secret” golden goose producer trails back nearly three decades. Throughout that...

The Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Virginia Gallner CONTRIBUTOR House Speaker Paul Ryan indicated in an interview Jan. 12 that defunding Planned Parenthood would take place as part of repealing the Affordable...