Scorched-earth tactics dominate second presidential debate

Jessica Wade COPY EDITOR Donald Trump has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, insulted a prisoner of war, suggested a ban on all Muslims entering the...

Summer internships allow students to step outside the box

nternships take many forms, some are unpaid, some might give full time hours, others part-time and all have varying responsibilities. What they have in common is a focus on giving students an opportunity to work within fields or skill sets based on interests or career preferences.

The Queer Catholic experience of Omaha

Maria Nevada PHOTO EDITOR The Archbishop of Omaha, Bishop George Lucas, has endorsed a new human sexuality curriculum for use in some schools in the archdiocese....

Technology infringes on students’ sleep

It's 2010. We live in an era congested with Facebook, instant text messaging and on-demand Internet. I know many students spend more class time checking their friend's Facebook wall or watching "The Office" on than paying attention to their professors. In a technologically-savvy world, this trend is only increasing.  

Lincoln hate crime unites communities against intolerance

On July 26, more than 1,000 candles illuminated Omaha's Memorial Park in support of a Lincoln woman who was victim to a heinous hate crime.

International student orders take out, best pizza in his life

In the U.S., people like to get their food by take out from restaurants.
The best restaurant I have eaten in is Domino's restaurant.
The restaurant has many kinds of food on the menu, for example, wings, pizza, pasta, and cheese bread. Yesterday, I had a delicious pizza from Domino's restaurant.
The pizza was the best one I ever had in my life.

The perks of living on campus

Kaylee Pierce CONTRIBUTOR To live on campus or not? A frequent question I asked myself a lot through both my freshman and sophomore years. There was...

Govermental solution: Build a wall

Ashton Nanninga CONTRIBUTOR Americans thrive on dichotomies. Right, wrong; fact, fiction; true, false; good, evil; Democrat, Republican. These are simple, easy. People are unsure when they...