Americans have been granted great power in the form of freedom of speech.  We call it a right, but it's not one enjoyed by most throughout the world, so that makes it extremely powerful when we exercise it.

Hopelessness: How to climb out of the pit of bad news

Leta Lohrmeyer OPINION EDITOR One evening I was huddled up in bed scrolling through my Twitter feed. As I was scrolling, I kept running into one...

Omaha takes cycling from recreation to transportation

Omaha has a growing cycling community and the city is well on its way to making its streets safer for cyclists. Omaha has the potential to be a bike-friendly city.

Chancellor says we’re great, but now what?

By Jared Kennedy News Editor The State of the University address is a speech given every year by the chancellor to tell the student body and...

Anatomy of a celebrity breakdown

I love Charlie Sheen. I know it's an odd statement to make given his current state, but I have since first seeing him in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

UNO Cribs: Roommate Edition

By Richard Larson, Opinion Editor

Stay safe: Go get tested for STDs

Leta Lohrmeyer OPINION EDITOR Give a little love … but not the bad kind. Of the one million cases of chlamydia in the U.S. reported in 2017,...

Tobacco ban unnecessary, an overstep

By Kaitlin Vickers Contributor According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2,500,000 people have died due to second hand smoke since 1964. This number...