VIDEO: President Obama Remarks in Omaha

President Obama spoke at the University of Nebraska in Omaha about his agenda for 2016. This trip was the first day of a two-city...

UNO students wage DACA protest

Grant Sobetski CONTRIBUTOR Dozens of University of Nebraska at Omaha students waged a march and protest across two of UNO’s campuses on Thursday against the recent...

UNO hosts second debate watch

UNO School of Communication saw a smaller crowd at the second presidential DebateWatch on Oct. 22.

Voter’s Guide: Close congressional race

2nd Congressional District Race Brad Ashford (D) The Platform: Supports immigration reform. Supports compromise on the Affordable Care Act. Supports student loan reform and training programs. Supports expanded energy.   Lee Terry...


This election season is drawing to its inevitable conclusion, wherein the American people collectively decide which candidate they want to lead the country for the next four years.

UNO alum may be next secretary of defense

UNO alum and former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel is reported to be the leading candidate for secretary of defense.

VIDEO: Omahans share why President Obama’s visit was important to them

Omahans and UNO students share why it was important to see President Obama speak at Baxter Arena on Wednesday in this 58-second clip. Video...