Voter’s Guide: Close congressional race

2nd Congressional District Race Brad Ashford (D) The Platform: Supports immigration reform. Supports compromise on the Affordable Care Act. Supports student loan reform and training programs. Supports expanded energy.   Lee Terry...

Victory on all sides

Another election has come and gone. Once again, in our biannual celebration of democracy and

freedom, the American people have gone to the polls and exercised their rights to choose their

representatives, mayors, governors and senators. Across the nation, millions of people went to

their respective voting booths and voted to either throw the bums out or let them stay.

Now what?

Super Tuesday 2016

Bryan Rutan CONTRIBUTOR One of the election season’s biggest nights wrapped up last Tuesday, providing voters with a clearer picture of which candidates may be representing...

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Lee Tary, Brad Ashford square off in second congressional debate

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UNO alum may be next secretary of defense

UNO alum and former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel is reported to be the leading candidate for secretary of defense.

UNO Gateway editor gets exclusive Q&A with former Sen. Jim Webb

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who is currently weighing a 2016 presidential bid from the Democratic wing, traveled to the University of Nebraska at...


Voter fraud is real, it's happening, and it's a serious problem.