New Student Convocation welcomes incoming Mavericks

Cassie Wade NEWS EDITOR New students looking for the chance to start their college career at the University of Nebraska at Omaha off with a little...

Tibetan singing bowls:

The curious interactions of singing bowls will have you questioning the mysterious history of their existence while captivating your thoughts. 

Asexual student shares story of identity

Olivia Powers CONTRIBUTOR Sarah Beckenhauer knows the struggle that comes with being marginalized for her sexuality, even within the LGBT+ community. Beckenhauer, a University of Nebraska at...

Student government sets UNO on path to becoming smoke-free

By Jackson Taylor, News Editor The University of Nebraska atOmaha may be closer to becoming a smoke-free campus, according to a release from University Communications. On Feb. 25,...

Construction to begin at Strauss Performing Arts Center

Construction began today on the addition to UNO's Strauss Performing Arts Center. Access to the building will be limited for the duration of the project,...

Scott Village basketball court nearly ready

UNO students looking to shoot some hoops in the sunshine will soon have a fresh venue available.

Night bike trek offers excercise, fun

The Meyer Foundation for Disabilities will hold a late-night bike ride July 16 in Omaha to raise funds for the organization.

The “new” normal controversy in Utah

The battle between homosexual rights and the heterosexual agenda is nothing short of exasperatingly overdramatized.